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Art of Vinyl has recently been formed to meet the requirements of the Vinyl mastering community in the UK & Europe.

Over the last 40 years one man, Sean Davies has become synonymous with the Art of servicing Vinyl cutting lathes. Two years ago Sean’s thoughts was starting to turn towards winding down on some his commitments and so he approached Audio Related Technology and in particular company Director Duncan Crimmins with whom he had previous experience converting a VMS-82 DMM lathe to the VMS-80 lacquered version. One of the the tasks at hand was to restore a 1965 vintage Lyrec Stereo lathe for a client in the West End of London. Three years later and the lathe has found its way out of the garage where it had been residing and slowly rotting to be installed and restored to its former glory at Electric Mastering. Several articles have been written on the project one can be found here.

For recent restoration projects visit our google page access via above. If you have a restoration project or are thinking of vinyl production route. Please contact using via the details below we will be happy to discuss with you how to move forward.

Services provided.

  • Restoration
  • Service and repair
  • Calibration and set-up
  • Acquisition
  • Operational training
  • Custom electrical / mechanical design and manufacturing.

We aim to continue to supply support and knowledge to the ever growing world of that
“long dead format”: Vinyl Records.

You can contact AOV directly either by emailing: or calling 01494 794335

Sean is still available for Accoustic treatment and other project work, he can be contact through the AOV or Audio Related Technology.





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